SAM Revival magazine

Here's a quick run down of all the issues of SAM Revival magazine so far. Started in 2002, SAM Revival is the
only magazine produced for the SAM Coupe. SAM Revival aims to be packed full of all the latest SAM Coupé news,
interesting features, articles and interviews, catering for everything SAM related. Starting as just a paper
magazine, a coverdisk was introduced with issue 9 onwards (and audio CD with issue 11), spot colour from issue 14.

SAM Revival has evolved into a professionally printed magazine with
full colour throughout. Issues 24 and 25 now available in this new, exciting format.

Currently on issue 26, the magazine has grown from strength to strength, being read by SAM users in over 22 countries.

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Issues 24 - 26 : £9.99 each
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Some of the great SAM Coupe games that have featured
on the coverdisks with SAM Revival.

Contents of all the issues:

SAM Revival issue 26 *NEW - Summer 2022 Issue*

72 pages, packed with:

   SAM News - New hardware, software, etc... etc...
   Developer Diary - Cybernaut, Pang, Invasion III
   Demoscene - a quick review of two recent demos plus an interview with a demo coder
   SAM Comment - A look at isometric, pico-8 inspiration, Amalthea
   Megapreviews - Treasure Island Dizzy and The Lower Caverns

On the cover disk, 5 games:

   Flappy Bird - a SAM version of the classic hit, by Howard Price of Cooking Circle
   BattleZone - 3D vector tank game, port of arcade machine classic, by Digital Reality
   Wubtris (special edition) - Updated version of Wubtris from Rob Evans of Wubsoft
   Blokker - re-release of the first game from Mungus Software
   Mega Blast - re-release of an early Jupiter Software game

Plus 2 utilties:

   ARMSID Config Utility - change ARMSID settings if using this chip with SID Interface
   Trinity BootBlock Update - updated bootblock for Trinity + AutoBOOT ROM users.

SAM Revival issue 25

If you've not already got the current issue (25) then you really have been missing out and now with
it available as a professional full colour book you've no excuse to not pick up a copy.

So what's in the magazine? Well, let's take a look at the cover first. I commissioned a new drawing by
Robin Evans - the original artist for the SAM robot, you'll be familiar with all his doodles in the
SAM Coupe User Guide and the early MGT adverts from 1989/1990. Well he dusted off his memory of drawing
the robot and has came up trumps with the drawing for the cover.

Inside the magazine, a mammoth news section kicks off after the editorial, covering news from around the
SAM scene, with all the details of new hardware, software and demos for the SAM Coupe as well as previews
of projects that are being worked on.

Feature articles shows off all the work undertaken by Phil Wilson with the customising of his SAM, plus
shorter articles about several other customisation projects. The Developer Diary section looks at the new
game that's Warren Lee is preparing, and a quick look at TRINload from Simon Owen which is a utility to
transfer data from a PC to the SAM via the Trinity Ethernet Interface.

Smaller articles look at patching some demos to make them compatible on mass storage devices. I also take
a look at some of the rarer and more unique items I've collected over the years for the SAM Coupe.

Throw in the usual SAM Snippets, SAM Correspondence and SAM Comment sections and that wraps up this gigantic
56 page issue of the magazine. And now the full colour print really adds a lot more depth to the contents.

SAM Revival issue 25 comes with not just one, but two cover disks. On the first is the classic SAM Coupe game
'Vegetable Vacation' from Fissionsoft, which was original released in 1992 by Revelation/SAMCO. Next up is
'MobyDX' from Black Jet - a new release especially for SAM's anniversary - thanks guys!

The first coverdisk also features plenty of software for the Trinity Ethernet Interface - starting off with a
new version of B-DOS. This version (1.5t beta 6) allows the Trinity to use SD/SDHC cards up to a whopping
64GB in size. An installer is also included on the disk to store the new DOS on the Trinity Ethernet
Interface's EEPROM if you use the optional BOOT ROM. Plus, there are the first few TCP/IP demo programs for
the Trinity Ethernet Interface. The first demo downloads a screen/music from the internet, the second demo
downloads the full game 'XOR' from the net directly to your SAM. This all really shows what's on the horizon
for the SAM now it's connected to the internet. My thanks to all those involved with pushing the Trinity
forward - Adrian Brown, Simon Owen, Chris Pile, and content for the downloadable demos from Warren Lee,
David Sanders and Howard Price.

The second coverdisk is dedicated entirely to mind blowing megademo from MNEMOtech's Andrew Collier -
'Stars and Sprites'. Andrew has done some really impressive coding for the fantastic graphical effects
and great music! Plus one of the scrollers does mention something about a hidden part... Hmmmm!

SAM Revival issue 24

Inside issue 24...

- News from around the SAM Coupé Scene.
- What happened to Sandman's Shadow - information, screenshots and sketches from Gordon Wallis
about the point-and-click adventure game he was developing back in 1992.
- Developer Diary - Lots of info from SAM developers featuring a Space Invaders Arcade Machine
Emulator (Simon Owen), Wubtris + more (Rob Evans).
- Coupe Correspondence - lots of readers letters.
- SAM Comment - kicking around some potential new projects for the SAM Coupe.

On the coverdisk you’ll find the full game 'The Witching Hour' by John Vincent (who also painted
the fab cover artwork for the magazine too!) There's also the preview demo 'Minutes Before The Witching Hour'.

SAM Revival issue 23

On the coverdisk of issue 23 you’ll find the fantastic VIC-20 emulator from Simon Owen, a new wireframe
3D demo from Thomas Harte, and a full adventure game from Hydrasoft / Pete King.

Inside the magazine you’ll find seven pages of news from around the SAM world covering all the latest
developments and what is on the horizon. The Developer Diary looks at the progress by Adrian Brown of
porting a TCP/IP stack to the SAM, Thomas Harte covers the work on his 3D engine and Colin Piggot goes
over the improvements to the newest version of B-DOS for the Trinity Ethernet Interface. There’s also
source code for the new patched SAM ROM to auto boot from the Trinity.

SAM Revival issue 22

SAM Revival issue 22 features the full commercial game 'Burglar Bob' on the coverdisk. This was one of
Jupiter Software's last titles produced for the SAM back in the late 1990s. Also on the coverdisk is a
wireframe 3D demo from Thomas Harte who is looking to produce a full 3D engine for the SAM Coupe.

Inside the magazine you'll find all eight pages of news covering all the latest news from around the
SAM world, some of the highlights of which include news on the first application that is well underway
for use with the Trinity Ethernet Interface. Called 'SAMonline' this application will connect to the
internet to get all the latest news for the SAM, as well as offering free software downloadings of new
software as well as classic games and old disk magazines. There is also news on the development of the
Mayhem Accelerator and also the latest emulator from Simon Owen which allows the SAM to emulate the
Commodore VIC-20!

Feature articles include a look at what happened to the proposed sequel of Manic Miner on the SAM.
The Lower Caverns was to have new graphics, new levels and new music. The Developer Diary features a
second article from Thomas Harte who is developing a 3D engine for the SAM.

SAM Revival issue 21

Inside issue 21 you'll find all the regulars covering all the latest news in the SAM Coupe world. Feature
articles include an interview from Frode Tennebo where he interviews David Gommeren and Rob Mies of The Lords.
Gavin Smith continues his look back at some of the top SAM games, looking in particular this issue at Arcade

I look at using the MMC / SD Card slot on the Trinity Ethernet Interface. The first half of the article looks
at accessing the flash cards with routines for detecting, reading and writing raw sectors. The second half goes
through the patches I made to B-DOS to allow it to use the Trinity for mass storage of files. Rounding the
issue off is the Developer Diary where Thomas Harte explains how he is tackling his work on creating a
solid 3D engine on the SAM.

To compliment the interview with The Lords, the coverdisk features their commercial release 'Batz 'n Balls',
their freeware Tetris game and their SAM demos. Other games featured on the coverdisk are Simon Owen's 'Pac-Man',
and 'Soul Magician' by Lars Persson. There is also source code to go along with the Trinity article, and the
source code and executable for the Trinity patched version of B-DOS.

SAM Revival issue 20

In issue 20 you'll find all the regulars covering all the latest news in the SAM Coupe world, and
there is the welcomed return of the letters pages. Feature articles include information on using the EEPROM
that's onboard the Trinity Ethernet Interface, with source code provided on the cover disk too. The developer
diary looks at the work undertaken by Simon Owen on writing an Ethernet Driver for the Trinity and the start
of his work on porting CPC/IP to give the SAM it's first suite of internet enabled programs.

The issue also features three full games on the coverdisk, there is Booty and Invaders - two of Jupiter
Software's past commercial releases, and the third game is a SAM version of the The Light Corridor - originally
writen 17 years ago by the Spanish programmers who did the MSX and ZX Spectrum versions, but the SAM publishing
deal fell through so it was never released.

SAM Revival issue 19

Let's start off with what's on the coverdisk: Conquest. Written by Peter King in 1997 this originally
had a limited release from Zedd-Soft, and now for the SAM Revival coverdisk it's had a graphical overhaul.
It's best to describe Conquest as a 'Civilisation' style game where you establish and expand your village,
search for raw materials, form and train armies with the goal to defeat the computer controlled enemy who's
trying to do the same.

Onto the magazine. The cover gives away what I've been working on recently myself - the Trinity Ethernet Interface,
bringing ethernet to your SAM with the eventual goal of getting the SAM onto the Internet! It's an idea I started
kicking around back in March with a few people but with my moving house in June it wasn't until after I was all
settled up here I was able to get on with building the prototype. Everything is covered in the magazine up to
where it stands just now and I hope to have some final units in the hands of some programmers by the end of the
month. The news section also covers more hardware - Edwin's new Atom-Lite+ interface - his new Atom interface
for using Compact Flash cards with a built in real time clock. Software news, well there's quite a bit, covering
games and emulators that are currently being written for our favourite blue footed computer!

The first feature article in this issue is "Programming the Z80", a new machine code column from the talents of
Adrian Brown. Aimed for the beginner this first part gives an introduction to the SAM's Z80 CPU, hexidecimal
numbering, memory and a couple of machine code instructions with a very small program just to wet your
appetite for assembly language. If you've only stuck with BASIC or the likes of GamesMaster then now is your
chance to take a gentle plunge into learning Z80 assembly and you'll soon see it's nothing to be scared of!

Next up is a SAM Games article from Gavin Smith, who takes a look back at a couple of games that he feels were
quite a surprise to see on the SAM.

And the issue is rounded up with the Developer Diary. There's news on the SAM2GB Gameboy emulator from Adrian Brown,
who has been working on it since July when he offered to help Johan out. Adrian's really showed off his programming
talents with this - rewriting parts of the core and all new graphic routines to get it running a game! Plenty of
colour screenshots show it in action, this is one emulator I certainly have my eye on! Simon Owen, another master
of emulation, goes over the latest version of his .SID music player which now uses his most up to date 65C02 cpu
emulator code and other enhancements including support for NTSC and 100Hz .SID tunes and larger file sizes.
And last, but not least, is some fantastic colour screenshots from SAM Fighter - a beat 'em up being written by
Warren Lee, which looks great so far.

SAM Revival issue 18

Issue 18 is quite a packed issue! More pages than the previous few issues, and a jam packed coverdisk!

Let's kick off with what's on the disk. First up are the three brand new emulators from Simon Owen.
He's been busy getting the SAM being other machines and has completed his Galaksija and Orao emulators
which were announced in the previous issue. The Galaksija is a Z80 based computer from Yugoslavia,
while the Orao is a 6502 based Croation system so that's using Simon's latest 6502 CPU emulator core.
Both are now fully emulated on the SAM and there's a pile of games on the disk for each system. To finish
off his hat trick Simon has also released an Apple 1 emulator too!

It doesn't stop there! Also on the coverdisk is the latest version of Chris Pile's SAM Defender, and also
Captain Comic - a classic platformer by Lars Perrson which was first released back in 1994 and was a remake
of a freeware PC game. Wrapping up the coverdisk there's also a demo I've coded up to copy an old school
effect from the Amiga and includes the source code.

Onto the paper side. 40 pages jam packed with news and articles. The Developer Diary is bursting at the
seams with information from Simon about all three of his new emulators, and there's also the first
screenshots of ISAAC - the port of Rebelstar that's being developed by Stuart Brady and Warren Lee.

This issue also sees the start of a new programming column. I've looking at recreating some demo effects
from the Amiga on the SAM, and tackle a two layer tile based scroller.The issue wraps up with the
compulsory sprinkling of SAM Snippets with bits of trivia from the SAM world.

SAM Revival issue 17

What's in the issue? On the coverdisk is the full game T'n'T by Matt Round. Originally released back in 1994
this was Matt's only full commercial release and goes to show just what he was able to get out of GamesMaster
with this multi-level Bomb Jack style game. There's also another full game on the coverdisk - Money Bags 1 1/2,
which is the third installment of the Money Bags series of games. Typical Jetset Willy style game where you
have to collect objects over a large number of rooms. The game has also been updated with a brand new soundtrack
by David Suzuki-Sanders to replace the Quazar Surround music that was originally in it when first released on

Onto the paper side of the magazine. Now, who remembers Kaboom? Yes, that bomberman megagame that was never
released despite orders taken. We'll over the last year or two i've been in touch with the musician and graphics
artist who involved and just had to write an article about what happened to it, looking at the development work
they did for the game, and when things began to fall apart and the somewhat heated aftermath! Plenty of
screenshots from the near finished version of the game which make good use of the colour printing in the magazine.

There's also a new developer diary section, where i've been asking programmers for details on what they've been
working on. This issue see's the diary from Johan Koelman about his work so far on a Gameboy emulator for the SAM.
And there's also a large news section looking at other projects that are currently in the works, as well as news
that an old ZX Spectrum game programmer may be looking to develop on the SAM sometime this year.

SAM Revival issue 16

This issue features the full SAM game 'Colony' on the coverdisk, which was written by Derek Koselo. Colony
is a Sim style game where you setup and run a planetary mining colony. This game also features full support
for the Quazar Surround soundcard if you have one.

Inside the magazine you'll find an interview with Derek discussing the game as well as his other work on the
SAM. Another feature article takes a look at the work I started on the game 'Chrome' and delves into what was
planned and accompanied with lots of colour shots. And there are all the other regular sections including the
new combined news section, letters pages and SAM Snippets.

SAM Revival issue 15

Issue 15 starts off with the regular news section, which looks in detail at the completition of the prototype
of the Mayhem Accelerator which speeds the SAM Coupe from it's normal 6MHz speed up to 10, 16 and 20MHz! The
SAM Scene Roundup looks at news and announcements from around the SAM world including the work-in-progress of
an emulator to emulate the Space Invaders arcade machine, the port of SimCoupe emulator to the Sony PSP, and
news of a SAM article I wrote for the launch issue 'Retro Fusion' - see an earlier news item on this page for details.

The feature article in this issue takes a look at the 'Kaliedoscope' interface which was released briefly in
1992 by SAMCo which offered 32768 colour shades, but in reality was totally unusable. Other magazine contents
include the Coupe Correspondense letters page and the SAM Snippets!

The coverdisk with this issue features the classic SAM adventure game 'Legend of Eshan' by John Eyre.

SAM Revival issue 14

This is the first issue of SAM Revival to feature spot colour throughout the magazine to add life to
screenshots and photographs, and kicking off issue is the regular news section to give a lowdown on
what's happening in the SAM scene, and this issue features all the latest news of the development of
the Mayhem Accelerator - the prototype of which is now speeding up the SAM to 20MHz - there's plenty of
photos of the interface during the development and benchmarks too. The SAM Scene Roundup news section
looks at several computer shows that have taken place in Europe which had a SAM present, and general news
and websites from the SAM Scene.

Feature articles in this issue include an interview conducted by Frode Tennebo with Dr Andrew Wright, the
chap who wrote the ROM for the SAM Coupe. The 'Coupe Correspondence' letters page features several readers
letters and includes a look at the SAM version of the classic game 'Elite', networking SAMs together and
the possibilities of new emulators for the SAM with the speed of the Mayhem.

The coverdisk with this issue features the classic SAM adventure game 'Days of Sorcery' by Nigel Kettlewell.

SAM Revival issue 13

Kicking off issue 13 of SAM Revival is a 14 page news section to give a lowdown on what's happening in
the SAM scene, and a welcomed addition to the magazine is the new letters section which in this issue
features some questions about the Mayhem Accelerator, some development tools queries and a request for
a machine code routine for palette changes using line interrupts which is answered with a few pages of source code!

Feature articles in this issue include a look at the Siemens Pocket Reader by Steve Parry-Thomas, along
with the listing for the software he developed to use it from BASIC via the Comms Interface. In my own
feature article I delve into the pile of unreleased and partially finished games that I bought the rights
to from Hydrasoft earlier in the year.

On the coverdisk with this issue is the full SAM game "Marbles Deluxe' by Steve Pick. Featuring very
colourful graphics in his own unique style Marbles Deluxe is quite a challenging arcade puzzle game and
was originally released back in 1995. A quick cut and paste from the start of the instructions...
"A genetically engineered biological organism has just been created for genetic correction experiments.
The organism is lovingly referred to as Willy. Testing Willy is to be an extreme task, as a psychotic
killer is being used for the experiment. Willy has to correct the killer's damaged brain cells ... all
50 of them!"

SAM Revival issue 12

This issue of SAM Revival features an 8 page news section, catching up with what's happening in the SAM scene.
Feature articles this issue include 'Creating Mayhem' - a look at the behind the scenes development of the
forthcoming Mayhem Accelerator (which will boost the speed of the SAM Coupe up to 20MHz!) and also looks at
general development work on SAM hardware here at Quazar HQ. Another article 'Bogomips' looks at creating a
benchmark program to measure the speed of the SAM, which has proved to be very useful when comparing the
speed of the SAM to that when using the Mayhem Accelerator prototypes.

On the coverdisk with this issue, is the full SAM game "Mage Fire", a 'chaos' style game with 4 wizards (either
real players or CPU controlled opponents) fighting against each other till only one survives, with a whole
hoard of creatures that can be summoned up and an arsenal of spells to use for defence and attack. The game
also features additional sound effects if you have a Quazar Surround soundcard for your SAM Coupe.

SAM Revival issue 11

A SAM Coupe audio special, with audio CD! This issue of SAM Revival is an audio special, and the cover
CD contains music tracks recorded directly from the SAM Coupe. There's music from a variety of music
programs such as E-Tracker, Pro-Tracker and several MOD Players as well as a whole variety of music
created with advanced sound interfaces including the extremely popular Quazar Surround soundcard. Tracks
recorded from the Quazar Surround really show what the SAM Coupe can do sonically - there is samples up
to 16 bit quality, advanced sample compression, oversampling and sequencing. If you have ever been curious
to what the most powerful 8 bit home computer coupled with the best sound hardware can produce then this CD
will show you just what SAM Coupe can do sonically!

There's also two bonus tracks added to the CD at the last minute - the first being a new piece of music
composed with E-Tracker for the SAM's internal soundchip (the FM synthesis based SAA1099) which pushes
the FM capabilities to the limits, and the second bonus track is a recording from the SAM Computers Limited
phone hotline in 1992.

As well as the usual features in the magazine such as news and the SAM Scene Roundup (which includes an eight
page roundup of the recent ORSAM 2004 computer show with plenty of photos and includes the preliminary
information on the prototype 'Mayhem Accelerator' I demonstrated running at the show which boosts the speed
of the SAM) the rest of the magazine articles continue on with an audio feel. There is a mammoth article
looking in depth at all the extra sound interfaces that have appeared (or not as the case may be with some of
them!) for the SAM Coupe over the years... including amongst others the Blue Alpha SAMpler and the Quazar
Surround soundcard.

SAM Revival issue 10

Starting off issue 10 you'll find two great feature articles along with the usual mix of Quazar News,
SAM Scene Roundup and SAM Snippets!

The feature articles start off with an interview with Warren Lee, who is the author of the game on this
issue's coverdisk. The interview asks what other SAM programming he has done, as well as looking at
behind the scenes of his past releases.

You may all be familiar with the SAM Coupe being able to emulate the ZX81 and the ZX Spectrum, but
Simon Owen has taken things further - by writing an emulator to emulate the PacMan Arcade Machine!
His feature article in this issue looks at just how he was able to accomplish this, and is a fairly
technical look at the in's and out's of the emulator.

On the accompanying coverdisk is an exclusive game, called 'Invasion II' which was written by Warren Lee.
Although originally written in 1996, Invasion II was never released until now. Invasion II is a platform
adventure game where you have to battle against the invading aliens. Warren has paid particular attention
to detail with all the animation and scenery, as well as a fully animated introduction.

SAM Revival issue 9

The first issue to feature a coverdisk of software! The paper magazine starts off with the usual
Quazar News, as well as the SAM Scene Roundup, listing news and events from around the SAM world.
There's also some reviews and a sprinkling of the ever popular SAM Snippets!

The feature articles start off with two interviews, the first with Matt Round who was well known
for writing games in 1994/5 with the GamesMaster game creation system as well as having one
commercial release in 1995. The second interview is with Ken Jarvis, the graphics artist involved
with Sphera which was on of the first SAM games from Enigma Variations way back in 1990. The final
feature article looks at a quirk in an undocumented Z80 opcode in a newer revision of the Z80 from
Zilog which I discovered after replacing a Z80 in a SAM Coupé.

Onto the accompanying cover disk - the first ever SAM Revival cover disk features two great games.
The first is 'Manic Miner' - I've secured the rights with the copyright holder of the SAM version
(David Ledbury) of the ever popular game to have it feature on the first SAM Revival cover disk! If
you've got a SAM and you don't already have Manic Miner in your collection then you don't know what
you are missing! The SAM version of the all time classic features the original 20 caverns plus 40 all
new ones! (David Ledbury has written a six part series in the previous issues of SAM Revival looking
back at all the levels and development work on the game!). Also on the cover disk is a special
edition of 'Money Bags'. Originally this was a game for the SAM Coupe that used the Quazar Surround
soundcard to give it a great sampled soundtrack, but i've reduced the quality of the soundtrack to 4
bits so it can play through the soundchip in the SAM, as well as improving all the graphics.

SAM Revival issue 8

Issue 8 kicks off with the usual Quazar News, as well as the SAM Scene Roundup, listing news and
events from around the SAM world. The first feature article in this issue is
'The Forgotten Artifacts of SAM", which looks back at some of the hardware and software that has
been released for the SAM over the years but was never well known about, in this issue we take a
look at the Voicebox from Blue Alpha Electronics which was briefly on sale from 1990 to 1991.

Other articles include the last part of David Ledbury's walkthrough of Manic Miner, taking a look
at the last four levels in each section, as well his closing words with some more anecdotes from
the time the game was developed. And lastly Wolfgang Haller finishes off his History of B-DOS looking
at the more modern versions of the hard drive DOS.

SAM Revival issue 7

Inside this issue it starts off with a roundup of news from the ORSAM show, and other SAM going ons.
The main articles start off with 'MODE 1 Contention' where Simon Owen has carried out an indepth look
at the extra slowdown created by the ASIC when in Mode 1. Wolfgang haller carries on with his B-DOS
articles and David Ledbury continues his walkthrough of the Manic Miner levels with his usual anecdotes
about the games' development. My own articles look at using high capacity Compact Flash with the
CF Interface and Atom, as well as a detailed look inside the 'SAM In A Can' I made for David.

SAM Revival issue 6

Inside this packed issue, a new series starts - "An Interview With..." - which is exactly what it sounds
like, an interview! First into the hotseat is Colin Jordan, who you may remember from some early SAM games
including 'Splat', 'Famous Five' and the 'SAM Adventure System'. Wolfgang Haller is back with his next
B-DOS article, and David Ledbury continues his walkthrough of Manic Miner. "What Happened Next" also returns,
and looks at another game that was announced but never released. And don't forget to mix in the usual other
hints and tips, and SAM Snippets.

SAM Revival issue 5

Another great mix of news, hints and tips and the usual 'SAM Snippets' of trivia and behind the scenes
information. This issue also features some great articles that have been sent in by the usual contributors
including the next part of Adrian Brown's machine code column, where he returns to his disk handling routines
and gives them a big overhaul before patching them into the game level editor from the previous issue.

David Ledbury continues his trip down memory lane with the next installment of the Manic Miner walkthrough
with tips and gossip from when the game was originally made, and Wolfgang Haller returns with an article about
using B-DOS and a CD-ROM drive on the SAM.

SAM Revival issue 4

This issue weighs in at 52 pages, and is again packed full! As well as the usual news and reviews,
my feature article takes a look at the SID soundchip from the C64, looking indepth at it's design and
capabilities, how it differs from the SAA1099, using one the SAM in the SID Interface, and what's been
achieved programming wise for it and what I plan to do in the future with it. The 'SAM In A Can'
returns for a short update too, with details of the new hardware that's been fitted to it since the
last article was written.

Adrian Brown carries on with his coding column - now on part 4 which is entitled 'Mapping The World' in
which he looks at generating the graphics, and map editor for the final game the series of articles is
heading towards. David Ledbury continues his walkthrough of Manic Miner - looking at nine more levels
from the game, and Wolfgang Haller returns with another B-DOS article.

SAM Revival issue 3

Another packed issue of SAM Revival! In this issue is my own feature article entitled 'SAM In A Can'.
This has been my own pet project for several months now - this is a where I have taken a SAM motherboard
and fitted it into a case along with a lot of extra hardware fitted internally (Quazar Surround soundcard,
Serial Mouse Interface, PC Keyboard interface, disk drive and a hard drive!). I don't want to spoil this
article so I will say no more - check it out in the magazine!

Other articles include part 3 of Adrian Brown's coding column. This time round he takes a look at starting
he coding structure for a game, such as double buffering screens, keyboard reading and interrupt handling
and is complete with source code. The hints and tips section has the first part for a full walkthrough for
Manic Miner with all the behind the scenes info and snippets of gossip from when it was being made way back
in 1990-91. Another article looks at the improvements in the latest version of B-DOS.

SAM Revival issue 2

This issue weighs in at a hefty 56 pages! Again, its full of SAM goodies including reviews, hints
and tips, SAM snippets, and a large handful of feature articles including: an interview with
Stephen McGreal of Mungus Software in the new 'What Happened To...' series of articles - which
looks at software that was announced but never released. In a similar style, I also take a look
through my old disks at projects I started but never finished or even announced. There's some great
contributed articles from Adrian Brown, including adding Atom support into Comet Assembler.

SAM Revival issue 1

Back where it all started in the summer of 2002, the launch issue, 44 pages in size, and is full of articles, programs, news, reviews, tips, hacking and more.
Thanks go out to the contributors who wrote articles and reviews with only a few weeks notice!). Feature articles
include the start of a coding series of articles - looking at how Comet assembler stores its files for later use
with compiled sprites, and also an in depth look at realistic surround sound.