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Prices correct as of 14th March 2022. Due to ongoing shortages of components worldwide and price fluctations please note the prices can change at any time.

Hardware - Quazar Surround soundcard + accessories
Quazar Surround Soundcard - Discontinued - New Version Soon N/A
Quazar Surround Sampler Module 29.99
Mixer Lead 5.99

Hardware - Other Hardware
Trinity Ethernet Interface v1.1 (Nov 2019) 79.99
Trinity BOOT ROM 9.99
Standard Edition
Mechanical Keyboard for the SAM Coupe
Limited Edition 'Prototype Tribute'
Mechanical Keyboard for the SAM Coupe
16 Bank ZX Flash Cartridge (SAM COUPE + ZX SPECTRUM) 19.99
ZX ROM SLOT Interface (ZX SPECTRUM) 16.99
SID Interface
*New 2014 Edition*
PC Keyboard Interface 59.99
Serial Mouse Interface 59.99
Disk Drive System 89.99
Disk Drive Interface 64.99
Two Way Euroconnector Expansion Card 26.99
Three Way Euroconnector Expansion Card 33.99
Two Slot RC2014 Expansion Card 19.99
Four Slot RC2014 Expansion Card 28.99
256K Memory Expansion 34.99
ROM 3 6.00
Sam RGB Scart Lead 9.99
Sam Composite Video Scart Lead 12.99
Sam to 8833mk2 Monitor Lead 14.99

Hardware - "Sam In A Can"
Sam In A Can Conversion / Hardware Ask...

Hardware - Custom Hardware
Custom Sam Hardware to your requirements Ask...

Sam Revival Magazine (Current Issue: 25) UK Delivery
Preorder issue 26 - UK Postage:
Current issue 25 *New Full Colour* - UK Postage:
Previous issue 24 *New Full Colour* - UK Postage:
For back issues - UK Postage (issues 9 to 23):
6.99 each
For back issues - UK Postage (issues 1 to 8):
3.99 each
SAM Revival Magazine - International Delivery
Please contact me for Europe and Worldwide postage rates.

Software - Full Price Games
Stratosphere 9.99
Money Bags 2 9.99
Super Byke Championship (for Quazar Surround only) 4.99

Software - Sound Utilities (for Quazar Surround only)
Quazar Studio 4.99
Quazar Video Construction Kit 4.99
Quazar Sequencer Pro 4.99

Software - Other Utilities
Recover-E 4.99

Software - Soundbyte (Current Issue: 76) (for Quazar Surround only)
For back issues:
Each issue: 3.00