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Prices correct as of 1st January 2017.

Hardware - Quazar Surround soundcard + accessories
Quazar Surround Soundcard - Discontinued - New Version Soon N/A
Quazar Surround Sampler Module 29.99
Mixer Lead 5.99

Hardware - Other Hardware
Mayhem Acclerator TBC
Trinity Ethernet Interface 79.99
Trinity BOOT ROM 9.99
Trinity Mass Storage Interface
(Cut down Trinity with mass storage only)
SID Interface
*New 2014 Edition*
PC Keyboard Interface 59.99
Serial Mouse Interface (with mouse +10.00) 49.99
Disk Drive System 59.99
Two Way Euroconnector Expansion Card 26.99
256K Memory Expansion 34.99
ROM 3 6.00
Sam RGB Scart Lead 9.99
Sam Composite Video Scart Lead 12.99
Sam to 8833mk2 Monitor Lead 14.99

Hardware - "Sam In A Can"
Sam In A Can Conversion / Hardware Ask...

Hardware - Custom Hardware
Custom Sam Hardware to your requirements Ask...

Sam Revival Magazine (Current Issue: 25) UK Delivery
Preorder issue 26 - UK Postage:
Current issue 25 *New Full Colour* - UK Postage:
Previous issue 24 *New Full Colour* - UK Postage:
For back issues - UK Postage (issues 1 to 23):
4.99 each
Sam Revival Magazine - International Delivery
Please contact me for Europe and Worldwide postage rates.

Software - Full Price Games
Stratosphere 9.99
Money Bags 2 9.99
Super Byke Championship (for Quazar Surround only) 4.99

Software - Sound Utilities (for Quazar Surround only)
Quazar Studio 4.99
Quazar Video Construction Kit 4.99
Quazar Sequencer Pro 4.99

Software - Other Utilities
Recover-E 4.99

Software - Soundbyte (Current Issue: 76) (for Quazar Surround only)
For back issues:
Each issue: 2.00